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Welcome to the lyrics page for Tha People's Music CD. The lyrics were not included in the CD packaging to conserve resources/trees. Thank you for showing interest in social justice and independent, political hip hop by coming to this page and by listening to the CD. The reprinting of this CD was done on 100% recycled paper board with 100% recycled plastic soda bottles holding the CDs in the package.


This CD was inspired largely by the fact that all of our current problems with oppression, inequality, and injustice are not new. The history of the world, and of the United States specifically, has everything to do with how certain people in positions of power created and maintained these problems over hundreds of years. Legendary World War II veteran and professor Howard Zinn of Boston University wrote an amazing comprehensive account of the US history that is either not taught or is glossed over in schools in his book A People's History of the United States from 1492 to Present. This CD is a musical version of that important book.

Knowing people's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, I wanted to make this information accessible to more young people, music fans, and hip hop fans. Ideally, people will be inspired to read the book after hearing the CD, and if not, just by listening to the song people can better understand US history and why things are the way they are, and of course why they still need to be rectified. Also, people can understand that it is not hard to believe we are being deceived by those in power today, because we have always been since the beginning. As a side note, I'd like to mention here as I did on the CD, that information that benefits the people (and not just powerful corporations) can be found from independent news sources like Democracy Now or The Indypendent. 

On this CD I also wanted to help young people make a more informed choice about enlisting in the military. Young people are given an extremely one sided pitch and aren't really told the entire truth about what they are getting involved with. Additionally, police brutality is something very tragic and atrocious and I set a goal of doing entire songs about these issues.

In other songs included on this album I wanted to deal with various related issues having to do with social justice and the struggle for a better world. As I did on all my CDs I consciously imparted the fact that we are all connected as human beings and that we need to understand that and work together for the benefit of all humanity.

I hope you appreciate the lyrics and the project as a whole. If you would like to send me any feedback, or if you have any questions, I read the emails sent to the email address

Power to the People,

Tha Truth

The Real History

They teach us to pledge allegiance to the stars and stripes, but they need to teach allegiance to people starving and equal rights. Books they making need replacing. It's a mystery till they read Howard Zinn's A People's History (of the US from 1492 to Present). You can't discover land on which Natives live and stand and schools still spread this scam by honoring this man! I don't get it, giving credit to Columbus for atrocities. He came here to get the gold and claim the land as his property - to split it with the rich back in Europe for monopolies. They profiting from the legacy of Jefferson and Washington. They wrote the Constitution. They owned hundreds of slaves, but they gave this conclusion: they said we'll get "freedom" from the American Revolution, but Indians and women wasn't given retribution. Or, if you were poor, you were never meant to benefit. It only helped the rich get more rich and that's the end of it. Like the war in Iraq, it goes back and has a precedent.

In school they teach you just a pledge of allegiance. It's a book I read you gotta go get so you can read it. It shows how this mess was created into place. Face A People's History of the United States. (by Howard Zinn. there are young people's versions and comic book versions available)

In the Declaration of Independence, half of society was never even mentioned. Back in the day, women were taught to obey and for a while that was the way that it would stay. With philosophy, men who said women are our property. Rebellion never stopped 'cause of women like the Grimke sisters, Sojourner Truth, and Lucretia Mott (real heroes). They said the next step in the cause was to get up at Seneca Falls. While the Natives still sought to take a stand, the new American government burned their homes to take their land. The Natives hated the settlers for the way that they abused 'em. That's why most tribes fought with the British in the revolution. And after it the government wanted more land and expanded it. They moved west but the move caused 70,000 Native deaths. There was a man known for the way that he attacked him. You can find him on your $20 bill; it's Andrew Jackson. They tried to make taking Native land sound more suitable. The name they gave this mission was the 'Indian Removal.' Before all this happened the Natives were more caring. They had this alone and were known for their sharing. It wasn't about competition and racking up private property (riches). They was introduced to that by Europe's acts and philosophy. The government broke every treaty that they made with the Natives, and today they still discriminate against immigration (how ironic!)

After taking Native land, the government wanted more. They took California and Texas in the Mexican War. Plus Arizona (how ironic!) and more Mexican land and planned steadily to take Utah and Nevada. They called it 'Manifest Destiny' (the most racist thing ever). The war was opposed by those in the know like Fredrick Douglas, the Quakers, and Henry David Thoreau (more real heroes). Little to no freedom came from the slave's emancipation, 'cause rich, white men still were owners of every occupation. Plus the proclamation didn't stop discrimination - didn't stop the creation of a racist education. People organized in 1835 as they strive for better ways fighting to end more than 10 hour (work) days. And way back, it's a fact they scripted the Conscription Act, so the rich didn't have to fight in the wars - only the poor. Today's the same situation with the rich who rule this nation. The riches' businesses evolved; today they're called 'corporations.'

Power to the People

Healthcare in the US is for profit it's disgrace, but yet they fund the projects sending rockets into space. It's not for the common good, the system's rich (people) hogging goods. The rich get positions in the system, build the prisons, make commercials they envision they gonna mold how we living. It always makes me wanna holler how they never locking up the man with the white collar (rich people) putting life below the dollar. If you got the capital to get an ad on TV, you don't need the cash that these advertisers see. Shockingly, not to me, it's a not a myth. It's hypocrisy of a democracy for sale. In court the rich get the best lawyers they can find and find they tip the scale - clients not going to jail. You don't believe me, think back to (Hurricane) Katrina. (George) Bush crimes far beyond a misdemeanor. The government quicker to help disasters overseas than New Orleans evacuees, and when they do it's for certain; it's an act, cash endowed for certain for Halliburton. They say political music is nothing but a downer, 'cause they wanna keep us stupid dropping cash at the counter. Be unique. I'm in the streets with the people. Fight the power. And give power to the people with the power to be equal

When I say, "Power to," y'all say, "The people!" Power to, "The People!" Power to, "The People!

So called profits speak that propagand(a). You can't take a man's land and call it 'promised land.' Occupations imperial; the rich killing serial - attacks that's for cash and things material. It happened since back before they knew the earth was spherical (round). I say it's time to solve the problem of twisted capitalistic visions. It's not natural to live in a world with 1/5 in prison. Gotta raise this like Angela Davis got a project to stop them locking up us living in a prison industrial complex. They say that more Blacks in office makes change. Mumia says it's change when the rich stop treating poor workers like they slaves. It's ingrained in the pages of the constitution. Racism listing Blacks as 3/5 of a human, that was the rule. Never gave no 40 acres and a mule (reparations) that was promised - the same government that look the other way at Blacks trapped in the projects. The same feds spreading lead (bullets) leave 'em dead in the desert to expand land for Uncle Sam. It's all planned as long as the people never take a stand. That's the reason why I got the mic in my hand. Forget a battle of the bands. Battling the rich it's a war, 'cause the poor's more important than their grands. It's been too long I can't stand to be a cattle to their brands. Nike, Gap, Adidas I had to leave this. Believe this. Corporate allegiance to symbols the worship like it's Jesus. If the poor unite it's bad for business they can see this.

Forget that minimum wage. They need to start giving us a liveable wage. The union, that's a solution. The rich say it's bad 'cause they scared of revolution. Scared if things change they house size ain't the same - no more diamonds and private planes - no more wars to try and gain - no more fires to acquire size for their empire. We got no problem working hard. The problem is it's not enough jobs and people starve. Drop jobs not bombs. Drop hope not fear. My people got to see it clear. I don't care if you a Democrat, socialist, or communist. All of y'all can see too many not living prosperous. I'm sick of the business with prices preposterous. If you go to Cuba you can go for free to colleges. I can't lie, I can simplify. The world's messed up 'cause the rich can't share their pie. They ignore the projects and try and keep it quiet. The only time they come in is with the army for a riot. Dr. King said that with capitalism men are often judged by the cars that they've driven. It's not about what you earn. It's about time to learn to make changes in the system time to break the riches' prison.

The rich own everything you see in the papers and TV. They own what you hear on the radio and see in in magazines. They own the courts, the police, they own the churches and especially... the colleges......... They tell you what to think - tell you what to do. Tell you what you learn when you sitting there in school - telling you your history of what you thought you knew. Break out the Matrix - learn to see through.

We're All Immigrants

You against immigration you crazy 'cause your family probably came here from another nation that you have forsaken. We, we not too patient with a land in occupations that occupies Iraq, the Philippines, and the Haitians. The US builds their army bases and stations in other places, while they hating on the people coming here from other nations. It's an atrocity how more people don't watch Democracy Now, cause in the US you get blinded from seeing all the stripes and stars. Yet, the US is in Hawaii and P.R. Those who wrote the constitution came here on British ships, and their descendants want to stop immigration and they're hypocrites. You wanna love your country, no stop and love humanity. That's nationalism - rise above the insanity, 'cause if they loved all people the way they love themselves and capital, then we'd start to see the type of change would swell that's practical. That's the movement we move with to make actual

When I say, "We all," y'all say, "Immigrants!" We all, "Immigrants!" We all, "Immigrants!"

Cornell West is a socialist. Lewis Black is a socialist. I get hate mail for vocal rifts labeled socialist. I'm about the issues; I'm against the racist (Mexican border) fence, but Obama and (John) McCain both voted and said "Yes." They need to stop deportations, stop the right, and stop I.C.E, 'cause they breaking up people's families and scarring 'em for life. It's a remnant of racism seen since this land was risen, when they took Native land and turned it into a prison - if you weren't male, rich, white, and a Christian. It's enough to go around but sadly it surround the rich amassing wealth who hunt it down like they found - another car, another jewel for their crown. But don't get down raise your fist like your'e pissed, 'cause for being here you might be on a government list. People shouldn't fear their governments. Governments should fear their people, so it's no peace in the streets until we're all equal.

Hypocrites say immigrants take the US worker's jobs. The fact is that NAFTA has the US workers robbed. Plus the (US) government corrupts leaders for the people overseas. The US replaces 'em (elected foreign leaders) with dictators outsourcing greed. We say we tired of the nationalistic flag waving lies. Tired of them degrading Brown and Black people's lives - tired of categorizing in the lines of class and race. Imperialists who conquered with violence put that into place. We're all human - all people. No human being is illegal. We need a world without borders with all people living equal, but the greedy ruling class, I mean the rich, is the hitch. They don't want to lose their mansions all their cars and their ships. They're not talking of putting fences on the border to the north to stop Canadians. Racism's of course what they enforce. Close Nike's sweatshops and close all the rest, so progress put slave labor and racism to death.

Boycott (Fight The System)

Look up the Council of Foreign Relations. You'll see Pepsi, Coke, and Exxon (Mobil) are running the nation. The degradation's one in placing. The nation's run by select corporations. I'm not playing, I'm saying, Verizon, Merck, and Phizer's lies are foreign policy devastation descended by the greedy rich. The Rockafeller dynasty is still involved it don't switch. Halliburton, Ford, Citigroup, and GE, Lockheed Martin, Shell Oil, Motorolla, and ABC, and it's evident, not the people, it's them who pick the president. Not a conspiracy theorist, I'm a realist who wanna see you appeal this. Look it up, you won't find it in the news. The few who own the media are on the council too. It's all true. Few people make decisions most follow what they see believe that they free to be. But of course you always need to consider the source. They say go to school so you can learn how to read, but that's not what you really need. What you need to learn is how to question what you read - what you believe, what you perceive, why those infected by greed make you want what the conceive. To be at peace, the richest people are the ones who need the least. The ruling class elite always work for more capital with acts that's not practical. I'm tactical with rhymes. Actual facts in my lines designed to take off your blinds - have you inclined to start watching and take part in boycotting the corporations that been profiting from the same system that used slaves to take the cotton in

This is a call for boycotts of corporations that profit off the wars and all the occupations

It's like taking the red pill seeing Merck, Time Warner, and school text (books) McGraw-Hill. All of 'em is on the council that control our foreign will. Obviously, foreign policy is based on how the rich have a taste for more property. Not shockingly, it got Fox News and Glaxo Smith Kline, Sony, IBM, Bank of America, and Heinz. And yep that was the ketchup that tried to get (John) Kerry elected. Hess, BP, AIG, y'all can see a whole lot more on the internet for free - like the Bilderberg group, it's all one greedy corporate vision. The greedy live with this mission, having to do with the Trilateral Commission. They even picked Obama and groomed him for his position. He's related to (Dick) Cheney and royal blood lines over time. In my mind, I could see him from the start of his decline, 'cause Dr. King said it's a crime to pay starvation wages, when you living in a land living as large as this nation - with blood sucking leeches as credit card activation. And college student loans are large sharks that we facing. I only charge ten dollars when I impart an education, just so I can pay for food and pay to have these CDs made and portray the Truth they afraid to play on these stations owned by soulless corporations.

I'm not trying to bring you down my sound's for motivation to motivate you to go to protests and demonstrations. Where you can find me in Philly, Jersey, or DC - where you can see the people come together to be free. All over the world people rise against corporations. You don't see it on the news; they don't want it on their stations. Realization, it's obvious brainwashing's not mistaken. It's not logical. Intelligence makes it seem often comical. Buy independent then find who's organizing. If you don't got the will, help with their bills of uprising. Education and dedication dedicated to recreation of unified minds to fight the lies of these nations. Hope you can find in my lines some kind of motivation, or get it from a lecture in Angela Davis' orations. Take action and boycott elite corporate factions

Corporations crazy bonding BPAs in plastic. Sending jobs overseas that's an act that's Comcastic. Paying pennies to workers, using bad labor practices. Sweatshops in China make what we buy in our market. Especially at Walmart, CVS, and Target. It's all about the greed why Mickey D's (McDonalds) put the lard in it. Even Mickey and Disney play a big large part in it. We been boycotting and need you to get your start in it

This is a call for boycotts of corporations that profit off the wars and all the occupations. The profit off the poor with the starvation wages. Fight with strikes for worker's rights in this nation.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Injustice System

They say criminals should be locked in prison but they living in a big house that's white. It's not right we gotta fight. They don't lock up corporate criminals that ruin the planet. Jails filled with non violent offenders and it's tragic. Mistreated, got me heated how they treated like animals. Corporations invading countries like cannibals for capital. The actual conditions in prison ain't meant for living. It's like torture they given with knife fights and listen - where's the rehabilitation, or correction, or direction? It's corruption. They got gangs they could stop the way it's running. Inmates coming out worse, they immersed in dysfunction. Prison abolition is written on by Angela Davis, gotta stop the profiting in prison. Get driven to change this. Societal conditions cause inequality and robbery. Technology is something that's not distributed properly. Two Americas, one can afford the right lawyer's price; the other goes to jail for like 25 to life - not given rehabilitation in incarceration.

It's no escape; it's all about profit no stopping rape. In this place they give no contraception for protection, so you know AIDS is spreading infecting with no discretion. They never gave reparations for slavery and bad habits, that's why it's packed with mostly Blacks and Hispanics. It's riddled with a lot who got time that's innocent. I start to explain, with the Hurricane's pain. It's a shame, it's so much racism in the system. Daryl Hunt was innocent but got served 20 years in prison. His innocence was presented with DNA evidence. Similar things often happen, it happened to Charles Chatman. It happened to Alton Logan and so many we don't know and in Philly we been calling for them to let Mumia go and Mandela did 27 in a place that's like the opposite of heaven. Rocafeller drug laws is used as a weapon in deception of detention.

Discrimination in the past readily; it's left steadily. Evidently, you can see they should end the death penalty. They ready with the facts in what happened to Aaron Patterson. The Innocence Project helps the innocent that's shackled in. The movie After Innocence, after you witness it, you see the significance of changing the whole system. It's the real Shawshank Redemption that needs attention. Joe Arpaio from Arizona should be locked in detention. He feeds inmates rotten food - makes 'em stay in hot tents. Cops get to take orders from this demonic sheriff's desk. Many inmates on death row was exonerated, showing the penalty of death can't be tolerated. Those that have the right funds get their records expunged. It's a plunge of insanity, a system that has to be changed up dramatically. Factually, it's actually one of the worst ways of not acting democratically. It's torture in solitary. Prisoner abuse is not very conducive to solutions. It's quite the contrary. It's way too overcrowded. But do they care? I doubt it. 'Cause it's not about logic it's that they pocketing the profiting.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Real History Part II

8 Hour workdays was won in a fight of 100,000 workers in a three month strike. The date was late 1872 and just five years after, working people fought back with mass strikes at rich masters. Massive railroad strikes then exemplified rich versus poor like today's two America's, still immersed in war. In 1884, Glover Cleveland ran for president. The press ignored the issues superficial questions were prevalent. Ben Harrison, the next president of the snakes of the nation, was a lawyer and a soldier for the railroad corporations. He fought in courts and led soldiers attacking strikers at the stations. Workers would continue to fight as one for worker's rights. The rich continued with militias shooting guns into the strikes. The Spanish-American War was just the US taking more resources. The US took over more sources. They took P.R. and Cuba with occupying forces. They said they did it for people's freedom from Spain who used to lead 'em and took Hawaii and the Philippines - same scam the same season. The president said he had to do it to civilize and Christianize 'em and keep the lands from Germany who were their business rivals. In business, conquering lands for resources the quickest is a twisted, capitalistic, evil plan for more riches

In school they teach you just a pledge of allegiance. It's a book I read you gotta go get so you can read it. It shows how this mess was created into place. Face A People's History of the United States

In 1910 socialist organizers said with clarity for change we need arranged solidarity. One general strike would stop the rich if we unite and fight the system, and buy nothing that's corporation driven. A hundred years back those socialists showed they had the act that a hundred years later could still change the world's behavior. Roosevelt's New Deal in the '30s made reforms. Most think they're to help but these reforms are born just to make sure their system stays in place in its form. In '35 they helped the poor to stop rebellion and ensure a solution to avoid a real revolution. The rich never want equality. If you're for it then the penalty, like socialists and communists, they'll call you the enemy. Still blacks in this nation lived with facts of segregation, and socialists and communists fought against discrimination. The race in World War II was to stop Hitler's evil, but who would stop the U.S. from colonizing foreign people? The US part in it was started not from Jews being targeted but a bombing by Japan and chance of losing foreign markets. And getting the Middle East plans for oil, so they could foil Britain's hold on it's direction and make it the US's investment. When peace came US dominance of the world was the essence. Like before, it was based on US plans for taking more. It's a cycle they implore before they leave for foreign wars.

Mock Commercial
Why: "You've been listening to The Real History bought to you by Tha Truth. We'll be right back after this message from our corporate sponsor..." Truth: "Yeah Right!"

After World War II they created the United Nations (UN) to prevent future wars and ensure cooperation, but it was dominated by England, the US, Russia, and France. The rich countries, which gives poor countries less than a chance. In '42 the US put Japanese Americans in (prison) camps. Hitler was an evil racist but US forces were segregated. The Red Cross had separated black and white blood donations. He overthrew the US (financially) backed dictator in 1959 in Cuba, which is why they hate (Fidel) Castro to this time. Bad for U.S. business interests when Castro had Batista finished. In the '60s blacks got the right to vote in elections, but it never stopped racism or poverty's direction. In Harlem, blacks had voted for years but didn't cheer 'cause it stung to live packed in the rat infested slums. In '69, Fred Hampton was shot in his sleep and died shot about 100 times by Cointelpro, the FBI. The Civil Rights movement when finished didn't witness - the biggest problem, of course, which is the poor and rich divisions

Vietnam wasn't for freedom it was for the Asian commodities. For monopolies, the US committed many grave atrocities. That war they would lose it to a small country and the presence of the anti-war movement. Nixon couldn't refute it. They thought Carter would make change with intervention in the tension, but he approved a trillion dollars for military spending and gave military aid to dictators with slaves. Reagan and Bush  said they'd improve the economy, which is a short hand term for maneuvering for monopolies. In '84 a quarter of the nation's children lived in poverty. They used fear that Russians were coming here with atrocities. In 2009 now they don't want it in their hands, but Reagan sold 'em the weapons that's in the land of Iran. In fact, they they had even sold weapons to Iraq. In years before the Gulf War and that war showed on the surface that to the ruling class that an Arab's life is worthless. In '96 Bill Clinton provided billions for building prisons. He refused creating jobs to make a living to be given and approved $250 billion a year that went to spending on building military weapons, befriending Bush to the ending. By '97 the US sold weapons more abroad (to other countries) than all other nations combined. Than another Bush arised. We living in the same system in 2009 (and in the present year). It's always time to uprise and tell the truth about their lies.